June 09, 2008

Life is Too Short to Use Cheap Paper

So now you've gotten your hands on a Fisher Space Pen or Pilot G-2, right?  That's only half the battle, because it's not just what you write with, it's what you write *on*.

My favorite paper for everyday use is Hewlett-Packard 32# Premium Choice Laserjet paper.  Yep, 32 pound, compared to that shitty 20# recycled crap you snag from the copier room.  It's smoooooooth and heavy enough to be noticed.  Bright white too, although I prefer a cream or off-white paper.

You can get this stuff at Office Depot and places like that.  I recently saw half-reams on sale for $4.00, and when it rang up for $3.00 I went back for more.  Normal price is about $17.00 a ream, which sounds like a lot until you remember that this is 500 sheets of quality writing paper.  I suppose you could feed it through your printer or copier too.  If you insist.

The HP 28# paper is almost as good.  Almost.

Here's another goody for you, because I'm a nice guy.  If you go to the website for the Mohawk Paper Company, you can order free samples.  Five sheets of up to five different types of paper, including Strathmore!  Did I mention free?  As in nada, zip, zilch.  Not even postage due.  It's not a one-time offer either, you can go back later for more (not the same day though ya oinker).  I ordered a swatchbook from them and it's chock full of interesting and excellent papers.  It's free dammit.  Go try some and see what I'm talking about.

Oh, they're big-time green too, which is a great thing.

Pamper yourself in little ways, that's part of what Lifetoys is about.

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The Bestest Cheap Pen You Can Buy

Seriously, try the Pilot G-2 and see if it doesn't make your ballpoint feel like you're scratching wood with a rusty nail.

They're about a buck each at any office supply store or the stationery aisle of your favorite mega-chain.  For that price, how could you *not* try one?

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