March 31, 2005

Yes, I've been playing with the banners

I've got a couple of new ones and some ideas I'm working on.

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Free Association

Seen on the back of a Vlasic pickle jar:

"There's always time for a dill moment"

First thought that popped into my head: "Yeah, just before becoming a Darwin Award nominee."

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Spring has sprung

It kind of snuck up on me what with being busy as all git out lately. My wife pointed out the the hostas in the front are starting to sprout, which reminds me that I want to transplant them into the backyard sometime soon. I'll replace them with four small boxwood shrubs (or maybe three if I can find a small burning bush for the end nearest the gate). My goal is to have a front yard that looks great and only needs a little grass cutting and edging and occasional minor trimming and pruning. I'm about 80% there.

But even moreso Spring means rockets. Even though I fly rockets all year round, this is the season when the pace picks up. The farm fields that some clubs fly at have dried out enough to use but haven't been planted yet, so a lot of rocket clubs schedule big launches for springtime (our group is blessed with a great field that is available all year).

This weekend, both days, I have a rocket launch at Great Meadow. It'll be a contest launch sponsored by a club from Pennsylvania that lost access to their area, so they're using our field. The following weekend is our club's big Spring contest, another two-day event. There'll be sport flying too, just for fun, which is what I do since I don't fly contests. Everyone's invited, sport flying is free for everyone, and it's a great way to spend a day with the family.

If you come out, look for me near the red Mazda pickup. I'll definitely be there on Saturday both weekends. Bring your rockets and we'll fly 'em, and if you don't have one I've got some you can fly to see what it's all about.

Then, from April 29th through May 1st is BattlePark 2005, in Culpeper, Virginia. It's one of the biggest and best rocket launches on the East Coast. I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday.

Questions are always welcomed in the comments. Or email. Or look in my Rocketry category archives for tons more information.

I love Spring!

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Liveblogging My Colonoscopy

Or are y'all still burnt out from the last election?

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March 30, 2005

I wish she would die already

I'm sorry, but there's no gentle way to put that. As soon as she dies then the real debate can start instead of this never ending circus horribilus.

Captain's Quarters is beginning to sound like the mirror image to Kos. It's depressing and boring.

Nobody wins, and until her body stops breathing, we can't even work towards making sure there is never a next time.

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Out-of-context Quote of the Day

From Boudicca:

my husband's family are knife wielding bunny cutters

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Smarter than a speeding bullet

That's me. Remember that book thing making the rounds? The one where the very first question is:

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

Apparently I'm not the only one who didn't get it right away. Think about the story. Think about the people who hoard books. Remember that everyone in that group would memorize a single book?


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Top left corner of this page. The pink button. Click it on friday, the first of April and leave a comment. No fooling.

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Maybe I'm too Ameri-centric

The Major Soccer League is renaming their teams to be more like the teams around the world. So instead of, for instance, the Dallas Burn, you'll have teams like FC Dallas, where the "FC" stands for "football club". Yeah, maybe in the rest of the world, but not in Dallas.

New to the league this year are Real Salt Lake City (pronounced Ray-al) and Chivas USA. Chivas is spanish for goats. Really.

I was never a fan of that odd trend for new niche sports teams to name themselves for something other than a noun - the "Rage", the "Freedom" and so on. It just seemed so trendy, like a loser trying desperately to be cool.

So the MLS gets away from that nonsense, but decides that they need to be less American and more like Europe. Like I needed another reason to ignore them.

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Carfax fun

Ptiza is looking to buy a car, so she ponied up the bucks for a month of unlimited Carfax. Smart move, and we do the same when we're in the market.

But Ptiza's creative genius had me laughing my ass off when she combines unlimited Carfax and eBay auto auctions into a hilarious blog post.

Be careful, for her wit is sharp and the edge drips acid.

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Happy Birthday

Today is Cindy's birthday. If you feel so inclined, head on over to Dusting My Brain and wish her a happy. While you're there, check out the Ken & Squip Show, which is a weekly podcast they do.

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That dumb, and I can't lick myself either

So I get home Monday to an empty (of humans) house. Son got called in to work, wife was working late, Mookie has musical rehersals, and it's just me and two dogs who are very happy to see me.

They went out. They came in. We played and just generally acted like guys do when they have the run of the house. Lots of toys being thrown about and growling and rough-housing going on.

I had to use the bathroom, so as usual I shut the door behind me and as I stood there I wondered why I did that since I was home alone. When I opened the door, both dogs were sitting there in the hallway and looking at me like, "You are soooo whipped."

There's wisdom there if you know how to read it.

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March 29, 2005

Asinine Quote of the Week

And believe me, there've been some doozys.

"But people would rather live under undemocratic rule than in the chaotic atmosphere of Iraq, for example, which the Americans tout as a model." -- Egyptian Diplomat

The definition of chaos being "more than one choice on the ballot", of course.

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I have seen no evidence of this (darn it)

According to Mookie's friend's sister-in-law's sister's friend's coworker, our town is the Swinger's Capital of the East Coast.

Good enough for Dan Rather.

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I didn't hear the *pop*

Evidence that Yahoo still has their head up their ass.

I put in a team for annika's blogger fantasy baseball league. I, with a minimal interest in baseball, let the automatic draft happen, well, automatically. I didn't spend time adjusting my picks or deciding whether I wanted Joe Schmo or Joe Blow for my third-string bench warmer.

I got Barry Bonds.

The same Barry Bonds who just underwent his third knee operation since October. The one who was widely reported as possibly missing the entire season as recently as last week because he's rehabbing from KNEE SURGERY!!!!!!


I wonder who else wasted a draft pick on injured players?

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Love means never having to say "I'm in over my head"

A lady at work recently had her entire kitchen renovated. Nic is in the early stages of going through the process as well.

I mentioned it to my wife.

Suddenly there is graph paper and my big measuring tape on the bar. A night out might mean dinner and then a leasurely stroll through the hardware store.

I'm not too worried about it, because we're certainly not rushing into things. We've lived in the house for 15 years, and before the first was over we'd replaced the appliances and a few years later I redid the wallpaper. Other than that - nada.

So we've had time to dream and consider and ponder and decide, and of course we disagree on several key points, but nothing important enough to turn into a major fuss.

I expect I'll be starting phase 1 here in the next month or so, which is removing the "bar" and cabinets between the kitchen and dining room and replacing them with a new set of cabinets along another wall.

Step at a time, and it's not so hideously expensive that way as long as you don't do something stupid like total up the receipts.

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Not worry free, but getting there

Over at Dustbury I saw an interesting snippet about changes in the 401(k) rules. Glancing over them quickly, I can see where they'll benefit a lot of people, if they're smart enough to take advantage.

The company I work for has an incredibly generous matching plan, and I was really surprised to learn just how few of the younger employees are taking advantage. We've always tried to beat it into our kid's thick skulls instill in our children the idea that you have to treat savings like a bill. Pay into it once a month at least and leave it the hell alone. It'll add up fast. We were mostly successful. Oldest daughter bought her first two cars herself and Mookie purchased her own PC when offered yet another hand-me-down model.

My plan comes in two parts: upon retirement I live simply and long enough to have to learn to like the cheap dogfood.

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With a bod like that, you knew she had to be bad

Barbies in bondage.

Popup photos not safe for work (or maybe they are, they're just dolls after all).

I especially like the cowgirl outfit.


Trussed up like a li'l heifer in 6.2 seconds.

I always wondered about that four-poster bed.

Barbies "Paris" moment: "Where did that video camera come from?"

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March 28, 2005

Dangerously Simple

Friday afternoon I was given a new assignment. Looking at the task, I realized that it would be very handy to have a copy of a certain manual, so I jumped on over to Amazon. In ten minutes I'd ordered the reference I needed.

It was delivered this afternoon.

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When Dorks Collide

Rejected titles:

  • When Dorks Attack!

  • It's a dork, dork, dork, dork, dork world!

  • Dorks gone wild

It's a knock-down drag-out dork-o-rama over at The Ministry of Minor Perfidy.

Round 1.
Round 2.
Round 3.

It's not pretty, but it is pretty damn funny.

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