July 25, 2005

Important Reminder

Momentum is growing for the Open Source Amendment which seeks to restore the property rights taken away from citizens by the Supreme Court decision on Kelo.

Please, each and every one of you, do this:

  1. Go the the Open Source Amendment Petition and sign your name

  2. Spread the word via blogs, email, whatever

Links to details about the Open Source Amendment Project.

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Resist the Temptation

Does anyone but me think it would be hilarious to name a pet snake "Ruffin"?

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Star Cards - 9

Someone was kind enough to scan and post a whole heap of Players Cigarette cards. This particular set of 85 cards is of Actresses, and were released during the late 1930's (from clues like "her latest film was...").

I'll post one of these every once in a while, with a couple of simple links to IMDB.com or a bio if I can find one. You might be surpirsed at some of the familiar names you'll see. The category is "Star Cards" (over on the right column), and you can click there at any time to see all that I've posted. Hope you enjoy.

(in the extended entry) more...

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July 24, 2005

Goody Two-Shoes is going to marry the Filthy Beast?

Over at The Sheila Variations, Red is posting a series on my all-time favorite actor, Cary Grant. I'm in heaven.

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Double Leaning Jowlers are as rare as hens teeth

Pass the Pigs. Ever play?

Two small dice-sized plastic pigs that you roll like dice. Depending on how they land, you score points. Kinda like barnyard craps, where you keep throwing until you pass the pigs or Pig Out and lose all your points for that turn. If the pigs touch after the throw, that's an Oinker and you go back to zero for the game. Pigs is clean.

And the pigs themselves are a marvel of engineering. They can land on their feet (called a Trotter for 5 points) or on their back (Razorback, also 5 points). Landing on their nose and front legs is a Snouter, worth a big 10, and occasionally you see a Leaning Jowler, where the pig balances on one front leg, his snout and an ear (15 points). Double 'em up and score big with Double Razorbacks or Double Snouters and the triple-20 of the pigs universe, the Double Leaning Jowler.

As rare as Double Leaning Jowlers are - I've seen four or five in my years of playing pigs, including tossing a couple of my own - the rarest positions are the ones you want to avoid. Piggyback is self-explanatory, and Makin' Bacon should be too. I've seen a couple Piggyback's, and only one Makin' Bacon. The penalty for throwing these is severe: immediate loss of the game. Like I said, pigs is clean.

So next time you're with friends, at home or it a bar, crack open a few beers (helluva drinking game) and introduce them to Pass the Pigs. You can find them at many toy and game stores (Spencer's Gifts used to sell them I know). *snicker* I should've know that Amazon would have them.

And if you wanna get a better idea of what I'm talking about, I found an online version that plays just like the real thing.

Heh, he said Makin' Bacon... heh heh.

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Another highlight from the aforementioned Ken and Squip podcast, that I forgot to tell you about.

A club in Oregon (?) has a deal going where the ladies do the ol' bump and grind while customers provide karioke-style accompaniment.

Damn straight I'd be there. Wonder if they'd let me sing Feelings?

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Liz Gets It

Last week, I just happened to be looking out our front door and saw a hummingbird sipping at the petunias growing in a hanging pot. Hummingbirds are not common in our area.

The next time we were at Wal-Mart, we picked up a cheap plastic hummingbird feeder and a couple of packages of nectar mix. I've checked on it periodically, but couldn't tell if it had been discovered.

Yesterday we were sitting in the car, getting ready to run some errands, when Liz alerted me to the bird feeder. Out little friend had returned. We sat there for a few minutes as she (dulled coloration, I'm assuming female) hovered and sipped from the feeder. She's fast too, when finished she zoomed up and over the house like a fighter jet on fulll afterburner.

I just sat there grinning like a little kid, tickled to death to see that our feeder was being used, and maybe we'd attract more hummingbirds to the yard. Liz commented that I was soooo easy to please.


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July 23, 2005

Not Just Sitting There, Doing Something!

When the Supreme Court made it's decision on Kelo, it triggered a firestorm of controversy.

Stephen, over at Hold The Mayo, didn't just pontificate and complain, he acted. After numerous revisions generated by debate and consensus, he's posted the final version of the Open Source Amendment. This amendment to the U.S. Constitution defines "open source" and limits the powers that government has to claim emminent domain over private property.

Now comes the next steps, and we all need to help. It's simplicity itself. Please, each and every one of you, do this:

  1. Go the the Open Source Amendment Petition and sign your name

  2. Spread the word via blogs, email, whatever

Thanks, especially to Stephen, for the reminder about what it means to live in a participatory democracy.

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Carnival of the Recipes

The Glittering Eye is calling you... you must obey The Glittering Eye... go visit The Glittering Eye...

In related news, this past week I got an email from a lady who owns a bookstore. She told me that they held a Harry Potter party and that she made and served the Cookies Without A Name* that I posted a while back. They were a huge hit.

Thanks for that email Carrie, it really made my day! Now if anyone is near Saranac Lake, New York, stop by the Fact & Fiction Bookshop and let 'em know that Ted sent you.

Ahhhh, the power of cheesy

*The contest to name the cookies was kind of a flop. I had a few wonderful suggestions (Saddam's Coveted Enhanced YellowCake cracked me up, but nobody would understand it in five years), but nothing really jumped out at me. So I'm sticking with - for the moment - C-Cups. Sounds naughty, and the "C" stands for cake, or chocolate, or George Washington Carver.

**New slogan. Maybe... what'cha think?

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Google is your friend (part whatever)

I was commenting on a post below and suggested a google of "RATO packs". Being the curious george sort, I went ahead and took my own advice and lo and behold, lookie what I found:

(caption from 3rd photo down on the page)

Prowler just lifting off from STO launch using RATO pack with AeroTech™ M2500 motor and Aero Pack RA98 retainer.

The M2500 of which they speak is a popular Level 3 certification motor. That's right, we hobbty rocketeers get to play with military-grade propellants, or maybe it's the military that gets to play with consumer-grade rocketry motors.

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July 22, 2005


I've noticed a macabre trend lately on the road, where people put large decals memorializing their deceased loved ones on their automobile's rear window. To me, they're nothing more than clear vinyl tombstones. I'm not slamming the sentiment behind them, but the concept itself really creeps me out. Someone is getting rich selling these things to old folks too.

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Feel that thump?

That was a huge weight falling from our shoulders. Liz heard from the cardiologist yesterday, and everything is absolutely normal. Everybody had already expected that, but it's great to hear it from the specialist. She's also been cleared to start back on her regular meds, and she's doing fine with her convalescence.

Thanks again to everyone who's sent email, left comments, and thunked good thoughts or sent prayers our way.

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The Ken and Squip Show

Podcasting has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, but I haven't had much time to listen or learn about it. For those not already in the know, podcasting is something like home-made radio, in the same way that blogging is home-made journalism. People create podcasts, which can then be downloaded and listened to on your iPod (hence the name) or other .mp3 player.

Before going on vacation I downloaded several editions of the Ken and Squip Show. They describe themselves thusly:

The Ken and Squip Show, created in October of 2004, is a bicoastal comedy podcast featuring Kenster J and Cindy C. (aka 'squipper' or 'squip'.) Seat-of-the-pants banter is the name of the game for our audio program. It's news, gossip, technology, new music and sex -- a cornucopia of some, all, or none of the those.

Squip is also the proprieter of Dusting My Brain, long-time resident of my sidebar. You may remember her as the winner of a loaf of Rocket Jones cinnamon raisin bread a while back. Since she's still around, I assume that it didn't poison her... although I haven't heard from her since then... hmmmm...

Anyway, I listed to the podcasts and I gotta tell you, I'm hooked. These two are funny as hell. Their humor is often juvenile and the entire show is definitely R-rated. In fact, Apple's iTunes has censored their title because it contains the word "intercourse"! Gotta love that.

Among the highlights was an apology from another podcaster who inadvertantly lost the link to Ken and Squip on his site without realizing it (that's the short version). When he realized what had happened, he apologized to them via his podcast, and believe me, it was the King of all apologies. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

About the only thing I would change is that Cindy should spend more time talking about her breasts. But hey, that's just me. Oh, and I deserve a shout out, just because.

So yes, I recommend downloading the Ken and Squip Show and giving it a listen. I'll be checking out other podcasts, including the Simian Syndicate, because he's earned a shot after that hilarious apology. Blue, I'm still cracking up over:

I am lower than dinosaur shit. And not poop from some giant mean-ass carnivore, but shit from some pussy plant-eating dinosaur.

That's not an exact quote, but it's close. Yo, Blue, I should get a shout out from you too. Just because.

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July 20, 2005

TARC 2006 Rules Announced

This just in:

This yearÂ’s contest challenges secondary school students to design, build and fly a model rocket that carries one raw egg to an altitude as close to 800 feet as possible and stays airborne for as close to 45 seconds as possible and returns the egg to the ground safely.

Hmmmm, altitude and duration. Very interesting...

Because of the need for altimeter's in the rocket (altitude measurement), they're limiting the number of entries to the first 750 teams. The National Finals are scheduled for May 20, 2006, at Great Meadow, The Plains, Virginia. Sponsors include 39 major aerospace companies. More information is available at www.rocketcontest.org.

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Devils, Poltergeists, and Politicians... scary damn stuff

Over at DynamoBuzz, Roberto has the lowdown on the NHL's New Jersey Devils' new home, built on top of an ancient cemetary.

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Rockets and other things that fly

Rich attended our last club rocket launch (I couldn't make it, dang) and posted a mini-launch report. One of the flyers there is a rather unique individual who does unholy things with aerodynamics (translation: way fun). Rich has links up to the guy's site showing some of the unusual things he flies, as well as his typical nifty photo album full o' rockets and the folks who fly them.

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Whoever thought this up is no Barry Manilow

Driving home from the grocery store, the radio station went into it's commercial break. Suddenly this Euro-techno-trance music started playing (not entirely misdirected at the demographics for this station), and after a few seconds, a raggedy-ass rap starts in.

Your front window's broke,

The gutters need cleanin',

Closet door stuck,

And your washer ain't machinin'.

Da roof been leakin',
Carpets need cleanin',
Room needs paintin',
And the hot water's broke.

(that's approximated by the way)

Ok, so the idea here is that you should call a handyman, right? Probably some ultra-cool handyhomey.

Not quite. The music fades to background and a veddy English voice starts to tell you about a plumbing company. Yep, just plumbing. I guess the rest of your problems are trivial as long as you got hot water.

And the company name is distinctly Anglophile. I mean, "White Boys with Monkey Wrenches" would be more 'street' than the actual name of the company.


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July 19, 2005

PDA Software Review - Spb Pocket Plus

My latest review is up over at Mozongo.

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Recipe Blog

Kat, who's currently moving and on hiatus, also keeps a recipe blog full of her wit and wisdom. She's one of the funniest ladies out there:

Anyway, our cupboard was bare except for a very few staples like salt and pepper and flour. Have you ever tried salt and pepper flour balls? No? Then you havenÂ’t lived. Or youÂ’ve lived better than me. One of those.

I muchly recommend that you check her Kat's Kitchen out.

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New PDA Forum

Mozongo has just set up a new forum system to talk about Pocket PCs, Palms, Smart Phones and other gadgets and gizmos. Since it's so new, they're trying to kick-start community growth by offering a free games give-away.

So if you already use a PDA, or are interested in the latest news about phones and handhelds, give 'em a try. Registration is free.

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