November 06, 2006

Getting to be a habit

Last night I installed Apache, PHP and MySql on yet another PC in the house. I also added Komodo because it's an editor that I'm used to. Every time I do all this, I wind up swapping machines with some other family member because they need the newer features on the one I'm using. At this rate, I'll be looking for versions that run on Windows 3.1.

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Endangered Species

The company that makes those plastic pink flamingoes is shutting down, due to rising energy prices and the cost of resin.

Thanks to Dogette for the pointer.

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NaNoWriMo 2006

Anthology: Giant Evil Space Robots.

The official site is built (used my old account from last year).

I have ideas and words ready to pour from my fingers onto the page. I hope y'all do too. If you'd like to join the fun, follow this link and drop me an email because the more, the merrier.

And after dark, beware those glowing red lights about 100 feet up.

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November 05, 2006

I suppose I should also mention

I've told you before that oldest daughter Robyn is engaged to be married. The special date has been moved quite often as family commitments and schedules change (her fiancee and future brother-in-law are both military). On Friday, I got a call informing me that the date had changed once again.

Next month.

The reasoning is that since most everyone from both sides of the family will be here for Christmas, that they'll just a have a simple ceremony then. Later they can do something big and churchy if the mood strikes.

These two seem to have their act together, together. Their priorities are: 1. Robyn finishes school (next December graduation), 1. Henry gets promoted (studying hard for the testing), and 3. Have kids, in a few years.

My wife asked if my suit still fit. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

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I had to post this

A lot of guys in hobby rocketry volunteer their time doing educational outreach things like talking to students or putting on demonstration launches. Doug Pratt blogs about a recent Q&A he had with some students. You should go read the whole thing (it's short), but I'll give you this much. After explaining that no, he doesn't work for NASA, one of the kids asked Doug how he knew so much about it. Here's his reply:

“I’m not a scientist or an engineer. I know a lot about this stuff because I love it. That’s all you need.”


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Cloning has been considered

That idea was rejected after considering what it would do to our grocery bill.

Whew, where to start? It's been busy busy busy lately. Here's a suggestion, if you meet someone who works in your payroll group, and you've been paid lately, buy them lunch or give 'em a hug or oral sex or something. Trust me, these folks have earned it!

On the home front, Liz just got back yesterday from a week in Norfolk with oldest daughter Robyn. My life has consisted of work, coming home and cooking, and then falling asleep in front of a hockey game or one of my beloved crappy horror movies. It isn't often that it takes me three evenings to finish watching an hour and a half movie.

Not much beyond that, I guess. Too busy to blog. Too busy to *write*! My NaNoWriMo ambitions this year were completely wiped out by about 9am on November 1st. I do hope to still do some work for the Giant Evil Space Robots anthology (is that still on?).

So hang in there, and I'm doing the same. Posting will resume on a regular basis just as soon as the lithium kicks in as is practical. I've been surfing a bit and reading y'all, if you don't notice, it's because I wipe my feet before coming in. Mama taught me right.

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