April 29, 2005

As Mookie would say, "That was random"

Just some thoughts.

I hate going to WalMart during the day, because all the senior citizens are there. Yesterday I watched a lady who probably shared a nice piece of fish with Christ himself on the mount as she tottered through the crosswalk. She was clutching her cart for dear life, and I'm positive it was the only thing holding her up. About a third of the way across (a two minute journey, I kid you not), she was almost flattened by another woman in a Cadillac who probably taught female gladiators to drive chariots in ancient Rome. That's entertainment. Like watching the Keystone Kops in slo-mo.

When I get old enough to drive a golf cart, I'm putting wheelie bars on the back.

Mookie's imagination has been fired by the speculative piece about Canada breaking up and parts joining the US, and now the Cambodian zombie story. She's been wandering through the house singing "Invade Canadaaaaaaah, with Zombies from Cambodiaaaaaah." She's such a special child.

It's looking like tomorrow is not going to be a go for the Culpeper rocket launch, due to a really lousy weather forecast. That's a personal decision, I'm sure there will be folks there and some flights will be made. I'm still on for Sunday though, which is supposed to be beautiful.

I may be putting a large "Sears sucks donkey dicks" banner up soon. Next week will tell the tale. Whatever happened to customer service?

Instead of sitting here, I should be cleaning something.

Posted by: Ted at 05:39 PM | category: Square Pegs
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1 Ah, I wondered how the freezer thing had gone...

Posted by: nic at April 29, 2005 06:29 PM (Sx8zO)

2 Dilema here too,Ted.I was really hoping for good weather tomorrow.Sunday is the Talladega race on at 12:30 then I have to spend the night in the hospital for a test.I could blow off the race and just watch it later in the week on Speedvision.What to do,what to do....??????
BTW if you think that Sears blows as a customer,try dealing with them as a contractor.Did the people in Alexandria give you trouble?Landmark?Maybe they'll all see poetic justice and be reassigned to K-Marts.HA!

Posted by: Russ at April 29, 2005 06:35 PM (ObxzR)

3 the Canada/Cambodia song sounds like a hit. Get me a demo and we'll get it on the charts!

Posted by: Derek at April 30, 2005 10:10 AM (iY1/W)

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