July 07, 2008

Bunnies or Politics

Bunnies are better for my blood pressure.

Long-time readers know that we have three house rabbits.  Fred and Java are a bonded pair, and Ozzie is a confirmed bachelor.  Over the weekend we decided to rework the living arrangements.

Under the old way, we had two two-story cages stacked on top of each other (on stilts, so there was a hideaway underneath too).  Fred and Java lived in the downstairs cage and we left their door open all the time so they could run around.  They were confined to a large pen that was connected to the cages.

Oz, on the other hand, has the run of the floor, except that we have to pick him up and put him down outside the pen to run around.  We also had to pick him up to put him away at night.

It all worked well enough, but we seldom saw Fred and Java because they'd spend most of their time chillin' under the cages in the hideaway.  They don't need much in the way of human attention because they have each other.  Another problem was the large pen area, Liz wanted the floor space back.

So far, everyone seems to like the new setup much better.  Fred and Java now have the top three floors, connected by ramps.  They've got more room for toys and can get away from each other for alone time, plus we can see them now.  Pets aren't much fun if you can't enjoy their company at least once in a while, and we're hoping the more frequent socializing with us will make them less aloof.

Ozzie has the bottom floor to himself, and we just leave the cage door open during the day.  He's got the hideaway if he wants it, but so far he's just been running around the floor lovin' life, or sprawling in front of his favorite A/C vent.  He's still getting the hang of jumping in and out of his cage though.  We keep the hay bin in the front as a kind of porch or balcony.  Fred and Java were Gazelles when they jumped up or down, they had long experience at it.  So far, Oz is more like an Ostrich landing in a birdbath.  Loud and clumsy, but getting it done.  He'll improve with practice, I'm sure.

Yep, beats politics, at least according to the fuzzy goof who's snuggling my foot, begging for attention.  I think he's got something there.

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1 Oh wait, bunnies - I thought that was about Congress,

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at July 08, 2008 12:38 AM (R7LgM)

2 good !

Posted by: music from ipod to computer at March 01, 2011 08:51 AM (NEGQG)

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