April 25, 2006

Camera Adventure Update

Yesterday Rachael and I headed to the store to exchange memory cards (#2 on this list). During the day I'd called corporate headquarters and opened a customer complaint case and gotten the name of a local contact who'll handle it.

Because I had an appointment late yesterday afternoon, I didn't have time to raise hell at the store itself. We walked in and a very nice, very knowlegable young man handled the problem. First, new - correct - media. Good deal. Next, I wanted a new camera as well because I might've damaged something trying to put the incorrect cards into the slot (I used a bit of force because we were assured that we had the correct card, so, it *had* to fit, right?). The kid said we'd test the camera first, because he really didn't think I could've damaged it that way. I'm a reasonable guy.

No joy. Camera broked. He went to get another. Got that one out to test it, and it wouldn't initialize correctly. The lens mechanism was jammed or some such right out of the box. He went to check the inventory, but that was the last one they had in stock. I allowed him to steer us over to the camera display to see if we could find an acceptable substitute, but I was pretty picky, finding nit-noid fault with everything he suggested.

With great sadness I told him that I wanted a refund for everything. He was sad too, and apologized to Mookie because now she wouldn't have a camera.

That's when I let him know that a rival chain had an upgraded model on sale, and that we were headed right on over to pick one up.

Memory cards? No, refund those too, because rival chain had 'em for the same price, plus a rebate.

Hanging up on this customer cost them a sale this time, and we won't be going back. I hope that jackass got his jollies doing it, because the last laugh will be mine. I've made it clear to corporate that, as a professional who deals with customer service every day, I know that pulling a stunt like that is a firing offense. I want that nitwit terminated.

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1 With me that might have escalated into a Falling Down moment.

Posted by: Paul at April 25, 2006 11:23 AM (vbP6L)

2 I still can't believe he hung up on her.

Posted by: dogette at April 25, 2006 06:45 PM (0ckUk)

3 So which store was it? You let us in on Sears...

I have my guess, based on the "you can't carry your own stuff to the cash register" deal.

Posted by: nic at April 25, 2006 07:33 PM (l+W8Z)

4 Oops, I hadn't realized. CompUSA were the scumbags, and we wound up getting an Olympus SP320 from Circuit City.

Posted by: Ted at April 26, 2006 05:06 AM (blNMI)

5 Keep in mind that it was just one @$$hole at CompUSA, not the whole @#$% system at Sears. And CompUSA isn't responsible for that crappy replacement camera. (Though they are responsible for having only one more in stock.) It was good to deny them a sale, though. Losing the sale -- and firing the nitwit who lost it for 'em -- will be good for their future customers, especially if they understand that you're not one of 'em anymore. You did the right thing. It's all about the Big Picture.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at April 26, 2006 04:30 PM (PEHu3)

6 Great story with a sound moral: the customer is always right.

I hope Mookie has a terrific trip. Hope we get to see some of those pictures!

Posted by: Debbye at April 26, 2006 06:57 PM (pmcg6)

7 Sounds like my excursion at CompUSA (which I REFUSE to ever set foot in again -- you can read the rant on my blog). Ended up over at BestBuy with a superior camera and much better customer service!

Death to CompUSA! (bwuhahaha). Sorry. Had to say it. :-)

(No CompUSA employees were damaged in the creation of my rant.)

Posted by: John at May 01, 2006 08:01 AM (/CDRr)

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