February 05, 2006

Daniel Boone goes to the Blogmeet

Last night was the latest Washington DC blogmeet, and as usual the evening was highlighted by excellend company, conversation and plenty of excellent beer.

Princess Cat sent out the details after doing a test-run at the chosen meeting place. We gathered together at the Castle and Elephant Pub, on Pennsylvania Avenue just a couple of blocks down from the Capitol building.

Over time, it appears that our requirements for an acceptable gathering spot has evolved into:

1. Good Beer
2. Casual Dress
3. Metro Access

Now the walkabout portion of the evening happened when my wife and oldest daughter Robyn and I walked out of the metro station and found ourselves in the Woodrow Wilson Plaza smack dab in front of the Ronald Reagan building. Making our way to Pennsylvania Avenue, I confidently led us off in the wrong direction, and after making a grand circle, we found the pub when the ladies noticed the name etched into the windows of the building we were passing. We could see the entrance to the plaza from the front door. In my defense, there was no lighted sign for the pub.

We walked in (fashionably late) and immediately found the group busy trying to arrange tables and seating. Turns out that the pub lost our reservations, so we wound up rearranging tables for additional seats no less than three times during the evening.

Like I said, the highlights are always the company and conversation. The food was ok. Nothing special, although the appetizer platters were heaped with tasty bits. I did notice Robert the LlamaButcher looking a bit green in the gills as I feasted, but he was kind enough not to get sick at or on me while we talked.

The guest list included:

Princess Cat and blogless wonder stealth-blogger Matt
Victor and Nic
Blogoline and her husband Jerry
Dawn (who's having hosting issues, link to be added when her home is settled)
Yours truly with Wife and daughter

There were several no-shows, and you were all missed and talked about behind your back. Neener neener.

We left somewhat early because Liz had been up early for work, and daughter Robyn still had some personal business to take care of (oh yes, she did).

Once again, another excellent evening. Thanks to everyone, and it was great seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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1 Glad y'all had a good time yesterday,Ted.We missed ya yesterday,too.Yes we flew all day long in the rain.Only problem we had was that the ceiling kept dropping.I actually lost my Mean Machine in the clouds on an E15-7.It came down in a tree next to the office building.Luckily Frank and I got it out undamaged.The ol' rocket pole got a decent workout yesterday.Also,needless to say,the TARC kids from Marshal weren't too happy about flyin' in the rain.Beats hell out of the wind any day.

Posted by: Russ at February 05, 2006 04:46 PM (ObxzR)

2 I think we need to have a moving-party themed blogmeet.

Posted by: dawn at February 06, 2006 09:05 PM (i086L)

3 Russ, I'm still fighting a cold from last week. There was no way I was headed out into the rain. I almost didn't go to the blogmeet.

Posted by: Ted at February 07, 2006 12:15 PM (blNMI)

4 Hey,that's cool.I'm suprised I didn't get sick from being in it.

Posted by: Russ at February 07, 2006 06:38 PM (ObxzR)

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