July 28, 2004

Don't stand too close, the heat is intense

The Hot Jets just keep getting hotter!

Welcome Helen from Everyday Stranger to the Rocket Jones Hot Jets cheerleader family. Yay!

This is significant because she's living near London, and she says:

And the Monarchs? Puh-leeze. I want real men playing real football!

Got that? Rocket Jones equals "real man playing real football". In a virtual rotisserie-league sorta way, of course (don't bother, I'm irony-impaired).

Hey, listen to the sizzle:
Susie, of Practical Penumbra!
Nic, of Shoes, Ships, and Sealing Wax!
Gir, of Your Moosey Fate!
Emma, of Miss Apropos!
Lynn S., of Reflections in d minor!
Stevie, of Caught In The XFire!
Jennifer, of Jennifer's History and Stuff!
Mookie, of MookieRiffic!
Blogoline, of Blogoline's Journal!
LeeAnn, of The Cheese Stands Alone!
Heather, of Angelweave!
Kat, of Mostly Fluff!
Tink, of Flitting Here and There!
Denita, of Who Tends The Fires!
Cindy, of Squipper!
Sarah, of Trying To Grok!

Recap: Rocket Jones - Real Man. Hot Jets - Best.

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1 Hey, isn't The Big Hair () also a Hot Jet?

Posted by: Victor at July 28, 2004 08:17 AM (L3qPK)

2 Sorry, Ted. For those who don't know, The Big Hair is Rob's (from Left and Right)fiance.

Posted by: Victor at July 28, 2004 08:18 AM (L3qPK)

3 Invited, but never heard back anything definite. Rob's been having connectivity problems.

Posted by: Ted at July 28, 2004 08:37 AM (blNMI)

4 What's the point of my considering even joining the fantasy league when you've already cornered the market on all the great cheerleaders?

Posted by: John Lanius at July 28, 2004 10:53 PM (gplif)

5 Exactly the idea, John. Thank you for recognizing my genius.

Posted by: Ted at July 29, 2004 06:13 AM (blNMI)

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