December 25, 2005

From Me to You

I won't bother with a rundown on the loot that Santa left for me. Instead, I'll direct you to a few other places of Christmassy related internettedness.

First up, through Dogette - who has been sleighing me (get it?) me with her "12 Poops of Christmas" series (if you're not a PREMIUM USER, then you wouldn't understand) - I've met Jim of Parkway Rest Stop. He reminds me of CGHill's Dustbury, in that he combines charm and local color to create an always interesting and often funny visit. Give him a try, you won't be sorry. He's on the blogroll now too.

Speaking of Dustbury, I just had to include this bit:

Lawrence, Kansas Mayor Boog Highberger has proclaimed International Dada Month, and what's more, he's not adhering to that hopelessly-square business about having it one continuous month: it will begin 4 February 2006, end on 26 October, and occupy randomly-selected days in between.

The proclamation includes a classic line from German Dadaist poet Hugo Ball: "zimzim urallala zimzim urallala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam."

That kind of poetic genius just brings a tear to the eye.

Of course, any Christmas visit with Rocket Jones must include zombies! And in one of those frightrul synergystic happenings, we've got poetry about zombies!

Christmassy poetry about zombies!!!

From the Ministry of Minor Perfidy, we are directed to this heart-warming site and their reworking of The Night Before Christmas. A sample stanza:

I in my Kevlar(tm) and ma in Gortek(tm)

Had salvaged some canned goods from a truck that had wrecked

The children had rifles and covered our ass

As Grandpa raced over to siphon some gas

Bless us every one.

Finally, what would Christmas be without scantily clad asian ladies dressed up in red with furry white trim? Not safe for work. I'm going to check under our tree again, just in case Santa left me one and I missed it! I also learned that the name of the site, "Kimochi-ii", is Japanese for "feels goooood!". I've never watched Japanese porn, so I didn't know that. Consider that today's lesson in the "No Pervert Left Behind" curriculum.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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1 Merry Christmas, Ted, Liz, Robyn and Racheal and whoever else you got there!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at December 25, 2005 11:25 AM (DIbWB)

2 Confession time: I did look at the Asian ladies and was taken by the artistic presentation.

Eureka! My hormones still work!

Posted by: Jim - PRS at December 25, 2005 02:05 PM (njBz/)

3 Merry Christmas to you and yours Ted!

Looks like santa was plenty good to you.
We got a couple of visits from the technology elves.

Happy hentai!
uhhh, I mean holidays.

hee hee

Posted by: Tricia at December 25, 2005 11:52 PM (lRTFS)

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