May 20, 2007

Help Me! I've Vacationed and I Can't Get Up!

Wife Liz said it best... "whirlwind" vacation. We had a great time, but it wasn't chock full o' rest and relaxation, despite my best intentions.

We saw Steely Dan in concert, and it was disappointing. Technically, they were very good (as expected) and very jazzy and improvisational (as expected), but the show was only about a dozen songs, each one stretched out by long solo runs. Liz is a casual fan and she didn't recognize anything they played until the seventh song, which is criminal when you consider how long they've been on the radio. There was almost nothing that you'd consider their "Greatest Hits". I enjoyed the heck out of it and would've been thrilled to see the show in a club, but when I pay concert prices I expect to hear familiar music done well, not the fifth song on side B of their second album from 1973.

As we were in line to get into the concert, they were patting folks down. At their request I started to empty my pockets, and the guy says, "you don't have any knives, do you?"

I said, "yes I do, my Swiss Army knife", and I pulled it out of my back pocket where it almost always resides.

After consultation with the head of security, I was told that I couldn't bring it into the concert arena. Ok, so I left Liz there - let them deal with her wheelchair clogging traffic, they're the ones causing the problem - and ran back to the parking garage to put my knife in the car. Back to the arena and the fool wants to pat me down again.

This time, I said, "excuse me, but I just ran back to my car and put the knife away. Do you really think I just wandered around for 10 minutes before coming back here to sneak in a knife that I voluntarily told you I had when you asked?"

I think that confused him. He waved me through. I didn't even want to get into the whole "weapon vs. tool" debate. Not the time nor place. Besides, only a wuss would classify a Swiss Army knife as a weapon.

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1 I'm an SD fan from the beginning. Never seen them live, but not surprised to read about the way they chose to handle "live," being such perfectionists, a/k/a "a studio band," and all. They didn't do the entire show like the "Jazz Odyssey" thing from This Is Spinal Tap, did they? A-heh.

Posted by: dogette at May 20, 2007 09:04 AM (q/UVc)

2 Disappointing. Bands that have been around for twenty or thirty years really ought to play some of their great standards. I'm going to see Rush this summer for the fourth time. They normally play a selection of their new stuff, their better known stuff, and pull a half-dozen or so songs from what they call "the Vault", which is cool because most of us have never heard them live.


Posted by: Ian at May 20, 2007 10:17 AM (Tm3A3)

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