December 22, 2005

Hockey is on TV, time for a Baseball post

Baltimore Orioles coach Elrod Hendrix died of a heart attack yesterday. Today would have been his 65th birthday. For those who don't know, Elrod was a catcher in the big leauges from 1969 to 1979, mostly with the Orioles. He was the starting catcher for the O's when they won the World Series from '69-'71.

When he retired as a player, he became a coach for the Orioles, and has been the bullpen coach for 28 years. In all, Elrod Hendrix made more appearances in an Orioles uniform than any other man in club history.

He didn't keep a low profile either, he was the unofficial ambassador for the O's, making frequent appearances at youth baseball functions all over the area. It's often said of those who pass away that "he was loved by everyone". In Elrod's case, that was the literal truth.

We're going to miss him.

In other news, the San Fransisco Giants sent overpaid has-been Edgardo Alphonzo to the California Anaheim's of Southern Angels (or whatever the hell they're calling themselves this week) for overpaid has-been Steve Finley.

From the ever-quotable McCovey Chronicles:

Enjoy Alfonzo, Southern California. Enjoy him to the last drop. There is no injury that can explain away just how awful he was, and his age-related decline started when he was about 29. He's truly an artist, both at the plate and around the bag at second. Unfortunately, the artist is Robert Mapplethorpe, and you don't want to know where that bullwhip is going. You think you might get used to it, but you never do.

On the plus side, with the addition of Finley, the Giants can boast an outfield featuring Barry Bonds (age 41), Moises Alou (age 39), and Steve Finley (age 40). This might qualify them for discount contract insurance through AARP.

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1 Hey, don't diss Moises too much! He was a standout on my fantasy team last year.

Yeah, the one the finished second-to-last.

Posted by: Victor at December 23, 2005 08:05 AM (L3qPK)

2 Strange how it seems that some players leave the Mets and forget how to play (Alfonso, Dykstra, Strawberry) and others join the Mets and forget how to play (Marshall, Coleman, Kenny @#$% Rogers).

Kenny Rogers!!!!

Sheesh. We're in extra innings and the bases are loaded and there are 2 outs. Just get a ground ball or a fly ball and we go to the next inning. Even if you throw a fast ball down Broadway, odds are 2 to 1 that it's an out! Just give him a pitch to hit and get an out!

Ball one.

Ball two.

Ball three.

Ball four.

Winning runs trots home. Season over.

Kenny @#$% Rogers......!!!!!!!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at December 23, 2005 08:01 PM (Ig7dy)

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