February 25, 2004

Indian Space Program accident update

(press release - link no longer works)

Indian Space Research Organisation
Bangalore, India

February 23, 2004

Accident at Sriharikota

An accident occurred at the Solid Propellant Rocket Booster (SPROB) Plant in Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC-SHAR), Sriharikota, at about 1600 hours[1030 UTC] today. This happened while a test propellant segment was being prepared for transportation after curing. The propellant in the segment caught fire and caused severe damage to the building, in which the operations were going on.

Three persons have escaped from the building with burns and they have been admitted to the hospital in Chennai. Operations are on to rescue the others.

Emergency action have been put on to approach the building and clear the debris and reach the people inside. A high-level Committee has been constituted to look into the matter. Chairman, ISRO, Shri G. Madhavan Nair, has rushed to Sriharikota to personally supervise the operations.

The current spirit in India concerning their space program is reminiscent of the US in the 60's. Tragedies must be avoided, but risks will be taken and despite setbacks the program will move forward.

Infrastructure can be rebuilt. Let's hope that they've learned some lessons in safety from this, so that those lives lost aren't just wasted.

Personal note: Hey BATFE, notice that this rocket propellant caught fire and burned? According to you, there should have been a massive ka-boom. Don't you hate it when real-life physics doesn't conform to your fantasy universe? Idiots.

Posted by: Ted at 06:01 AM | category: Space Program
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1 Ted,
I've been real busy with this whole assault weapons as a rider thing, but I did have enough time to post something that'll make you happy.

SCOTUS in a 5-4 decision ruled that a government agent can be held criminally &/or civily liable for violating a person's Rights. This came about in a case involving the ATF & a warrant with an obvious flaw - it didn't list what they were looking for.

Say Uncle & myself have more on it. Thought it might cheer ya up a bit.

Posted by: Publicola at February 25, 2004 08:23 AM (Aao25)

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