March 30, 2004

Just thought I'd mention...

The San Jose Sharks have achieved their first-ever 100 point season, and have all but clinched the Pacific Division title for the second time in three years.

Since the playoffs are a whole new season, I'd just like to take a moment at this time to gloat over my fellow Munuvians as the clear winner of the First Annual Inter-Munuvian Hockey WhoopAss Jamboree*.

San Jose Sharks
Go Sharks!

I'm also pleased to note that Helen's Dallas Stars and Heather's St. Louis Blues will also both make the playoffs, while Victor's Washington Capitals burnt to the ground (I feel your pain, really!) and Daniel never officially entered his Atlanta Thrashers.

Dallas Stars

St Louis Blues

Washington Capitals

Atlanta Thrashers

I do believe next year's go-round might prove interesting, eh?

*Anyone interested in getting in on next year's edition, the rules are simple:
1. Declare your favorite hockey team.
2. During the season, when your team plays another in the Jamboree, the loser must display the logo of the winner for 24 hours.
3. Trash talking and good-natured making fun-of is encouraged.

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1 Yeah, just three more games to go, then I wake up from this nightmare, and the Caps will be in first place!

I wish.

You have no idea how grateful I am the Caps only played everyone else in the Inter-Munuvian Hockey WhoopAss Jamboree only once. Wait, I think they played the Sharks twice. But still.

Posted by: Victor at March 30, 2004 08:11 AM (L3qPK)

2 Now if my boys can make it through and not choke again, then I will indeed know that my life has taken an upswing after all.

That, and based on the many deals and bargains I have made with various deities in order to get my boys to the playoffs, I have a lot of praying to do.

I will start with the God of Beer. That one seems best.

Posted by: Helen at March 30, 2004 08:32 AM (6dPV0)

3 As a Sharks fan, I know how low things can go. Don't forget Helen, I was a Minnesota North Stars fan before the Sharks came along, because the California Seals merged into them, so I have a long history of rooting for underachievers.

Posted by: Ted at March 30, 2004 08:45 AM (blNMI)

4 And also, please celebrate the complete mediocrity of the Carolina Hurricanes on my behalf. Although now that me and Ilya Kovalchuk both ultimately report to the same guy, I suppose I should toss my lot in with Atlanta.

Posted by: Scott at March 30, 2004 10:40 AM (zL4bg)

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