December 19, 2007

Open Ass, Insert Head

Curt Schilling does it again.

Schilling commended those who've apologized for using performance-enhancing drugs, and called on everyone accused to prove their innocence or apologize for their mistakes.

Here's an idea, why don't you prove you don't molest farm animals, or apologize for it?

So far, the "evidence" consists of testimony given by a few people who hope that their cooperation will get them lighter sentences. I guess that's proof enough for Schilling. I'm not saying that these baseball players are innocent, I'm just trying to figure out how one proves a negative.

Schilling should apologize for waterboarding kids he meets at the Special Olympics. Or prove he doesn't.

He's an idiot with a big mouth. I just wish it was muffled more when his head is up his ass.

Posted by: Ted at 10:26 PM | category: Links
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