November 19, 2006

Too Damn Clever For My Own Good

I just saw a commercial on TV for a one-message digital recorder. As usual, the entire commercial is snark-worthy, especially how everyone using the audio reminder nods and smiles as they listen to themselves.

But it dawned on me that this little wonder is the ultimate in lazy-assed remote control. Just record yourself clapping, and then you can play it when walking into a room and all your clapper-attached lights will go on. Oh, wait. They already have something like that. It's called a light switch.

Posted by: Ted at 11:48 AM | category: Square Pegs
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1 So what you do is hook up The Clapper™ to the AC adaptor of the digital recorder, and then clap, which will turn on the juice and play back the sound of your original clap, which will then ...

Are you sure Rube Goldberg started this way?

Posted by: CGHill at November 19, 2006 05:06 PM (Z/965)

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