August 26, 2006

Wanted: Founding Fathers

This is so cool.

Colony: Alchibah.

From the FAQ:

In the middle of the 21st century, a ship of dissidents seeking freedom from the oppressive world government of Earth land on a planet circling the star Alchibah. There, these colonists begin a new life, a new world, a place where the limited government is subordinate to the citizens. First they had to create that government and the documents that would constrain it. Actually, first they had to escape Earth! As in any sci-fi story, there are plenty of other problems as well...

I highly recommend reading through the FAQ before exploring the rest of the site, because this isn't simply a story to read. For the right kinds of people, with imagination and passion, you can become characters in the story and affect events. Beneath the veneer of SciFi fiction, this is actually a nicely conceived simulation of building a government from scratch. You can argue your points and sway opinions of other colonists as you all work together (or work against each other) to create a future.

Jeff Soyer, proprietor of Alphecca, is the mind behind this stunning concept. I'll be following their progress, and enjoying every step of the journey.

Posted by: Ted at 12:48 PM | category: Links
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1 Many thanks for the kind words! Chapter 5 is going up in a couple weeks and in it, we actually land on the planet. One of the contributors is working furiously on maps of the new world while others are arguing over what name to give the planet and our first "town". I've also warned the colonists that each is responsible for "discovering" and describing new fauna and flora -- something that should be a lot of fun and really unleash the creative juices. In the chapter after that, colonists get to select their homesteads from the maps being prepared.

I encourage anyone who would like to participate as a colonist in this experiment to write me at and no special writing skills are required. This is a fun diversion, not a college essay contest.

Thanks again, Ted!

Posted by: Jeff Soyer at August 27, 2006 07:43 AM (au4LC)

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